Roger Leslie

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For Writers

Although I always loved reading and writing, I had no idea if I had the talent to become an author. I didn’t even know what writing success would look like if I achieved it. I knew no authors. I had no idea how they made a living. Instead, well-meaning advisors told me one couldn’t make a living as a writer.

That challenge more than any other fueled my passion to nurture the art and master the craft of excellent book writing. My original gauge for success was traditional publishing.

After many years of attempts and rejections, I reached that milestone. New publications and writing awards came while I was a teacher, librarian, and professor.

Then my agent shared an insight that spun my career in another direction. She said I did too much. My published works were so diverse she didn’t know how to market me.

What she saw as my limitation instead made me uniquely qualified to help you. Along with my years as an award-winning educator, my publishing successes in so many genres—through major, medium, small, and entrepreneurial publishers—gave me first-hand expertise to guide you to writing and publishing success.

  • If you’ve just begun dreaming about becoming a writer, I can mentor you to success.
  • If you’re working on or struggling with a manuscript, I can help reignite the spark and clarify what you need to complete your book.
  • If you’ve finished a manuscript and need professional editing from a seasoned author, editor, and Booklist book reviewer, I provide clear and encouraging feedback.
  • If you’ve completed a manuscript (fiction or nonfiction) that inspires or empowers, I may be the publisher you’ve been seeking.
Roger Leslie

The heart of your writing + the mind of your revision = the body of your work.

Writing comes from the heart. Intuitively you record your ideas into a manuscript. Instinct drives this creative process.

Revision comes from the brain. Your mind rewrites and restructures your original draft to make your message clear to readers. Intellect guides this rebuilding process.

Your heart and mind ultimately work together to create a book. Your message reaches your intended readership through the publishing process.

Writing, editing, and publishing require so many diverse skills that your journey can seem daunting . . . unless you have help. At any or all stages of your journey, I can accelerate and empower your success as…