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As an author and speaker, Roger Leslie inspires people to live the life they dream. His prolific output of award-winning books attests to the power of taking inspiration to action. While living his own dream, he empowers both aspiring and established writers to reach their own success as their writing coach, editor, and publisher.

Latest Books

Light Come Out of the Closet: Memoir of a Gay Soul

“How do we live with a God, or ourselves, if who we are dooms us to Hell?

As a joyful boy who realized I was gay, I fought for my happiness and faith  as prejudices of family and religion isolated me from the world. Battered and withdrawn, could I rediscover the God of love I first learned about as a boy? In the process, could being gay be the gift that introduced me to my soul?”

In the dark night of our soul, we find our own light!

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Roger writes book in many genres.

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Your Writer’s Journey

Your writer’s journey requires

the creativity to write the book you imagine

the wisdom to revise your manuscript so it’s meaningful to readers

the action to make your book available to your target readership.

No matter where you are on your writer’s journey, I can help.

Do you need guidance starting your first book or working through issues of a current manuscript? I can coach you.

Do you have a manuscript ready for professional feedback? I can edit it.

Do you have a book ready for print? I might be the publisher you’re seeking.

Let’s take this journey together.

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