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My writer’s journey has brought success with books in many genres. Yet a single thread unites them all: my intention to inspire and empower you.

Some books are meant to affirm and entertain. Others encourage introspection. Still others educate, share diverse perspectives, and invite personal epiphanies.

Through every book I strive to share insights to help you live the life you dream, and empower you to trust your own path for success, fulfillment, and enlightenment.

New Release

  • From Inspiration to Publication: Master Book Writing One Piece at a Time (Paradise, 2020)


  • Divine Destiny (Paradise, 2019)


  • My First Last Year (Paradise, 2015)



  • Isak Dinesen: Gothic Storyteller (Morgan Reynolds, 2004)
  • Eagle on Ice: Eagle Scout Paul Siple’s Antarctic Adventures with Commander Byrd (Vantage, 2008)

Historical Fiction

  • Drowning in Secret (Absey & Co., 2002)

Movie Reference

Character Education


  • Galena Park: The Community That Shaped  Its Own History (Sue Elkins Edwards, 1994)


Books still in print are available through the publisher listed with each title.

All new Paradise Publishing books by Roger Leslie are printed on 100% recycled paper. For every book you purchase, Roger Leslie will have a tree planted.

Please order Paradise Publishing books directly from here.

Roger Leslie - Author and Publisher

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