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How would it feel to live fully present and alive?

How much more could you do if you knew your life’s purpose?

How much better could you live and love as someone spiritually awake?


Life provides the greatest motivator: we never know how long we will live.


Living your First Last Year


Imagine living a full year as if it were your last. Done from choice instead of a fatal prognosis, you are free to really live. That’s what it means to FLY.

FLYing is an original approach to life you can begin immediately.

In FLYght, you

  • Clarify your purpose
  • Fulfill your passions
  • Embrace the present moment
  • Stay spiritually awake
  • Discover your Paradise
  • Achieve profound personal success
  • Live your destiny.

No matter your age, FLYing lets you live the life you dream now. You will find and do more of what matters to you and achieve what you once only dreamed. You can fulfill every imagined possibility for yourself, your loved ones, and the legacy you leave the world.

The most precious gift I ever received was the dream that instructed me to live my First Last Year. I lived it and was transformed. I wrote a book about it that won Inspirational Self-Published Book of the Year from the prestigious national organization, Writers Digest.

FLYing is so exciting, joy-inducing, and spiritually empowering, I have made it my life’s mission to teach others to FLY, too.

You can FLY. Sign up for a FLY course. Buy a FLY book. Join the FLY community.


Course #1: FLY Wright

FLY Wright immerses you in living your First Last Year (FLY) now. Personalized activities clarify and prioritize what you love and value so you can immediately pursue what you’ve always wanted.


Course #2: FLY Air-Heart

FLY Air-Heart enhances each moment of living and immerses you in the life you dream through heart-centered explorations of what makes you happiest and most fulfilled.


Course #3: FLY Arm-Strong

FLY Arm-Strong is the empowerment phase of FLYing. Clear on the success path you’ve chosen, you will accelerate you progress and expand your vision to bolder, more exciting possibilities for your grandest goals.


Course #4: Shepherd Your FLYght

Once you’re soaring toward your own goals and dreams, you can Shepherd Your FLYght by tapping into the interconnectedness and mutual support of all life. In this workshop, you will expand and apply your personal mission that will leave a legacy to the world.


Note: FLY courses are sequential. Each builds on the work completed in the last. Begin the courses by registering for Course #1: FLY Wright.

Each course is independent. You are free to stop with any course. However, together the four courses give you a full year of FLYing guidance and support.

Contact Roger Leslie for course times and prices.

See Roger Leslie interviewed about FLY on WLOX News.

“Most people do not have the money, drive, inclination, or time to drop their lives and travel the world for a year discovering themselves. Most need and want to do it right where they are and begin now. So I felt reassured that I don’t need to do anything massive to touch the souls of millions who are seeking guidance, inspiration, or even a whispered acknowledgment of their soul. What a great service I would provide by living my spiritual journey as it shows up for me, and then writing about it.”                                                                                                                                                           My First Last Year (p. 41)