My First Last Year- Paperback


Available January 2015

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The course of Roger Leslie’s life, and his personal mission to help others get the most from theirs, was forever transformed by a dream. In it, he was told to live an entire year as if he’d never again experience those calendar dates, write about the experience as he lived it, and then teach others how to live their First Last Year (FLY®) as well. This is that story. What happens to him physically and spiritually in just 365 days will challenge and inspire, and ultimately shine light on what it is to have faith, courage, and love.

The gift you will receive from My First Last Year is not only the inspiring example of Roger Leslie’s courageous vulnerability as a spiritual warrior, but also its potent reminder that we have every reason to trust in each step of our inner and outer journey by realizing that we are inwardly equipped with all that we need to fulfill it.”

Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith
Best-selling author of Life Visioning
Contributor to The Secret

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